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"Vindicate me, O God, and plead my cause against an ungodly nation."
Psalm 43:1

Ten of us made up the Missionaries to the Preborn team from Milwaukee. A team of three from Missionaries to the Preborn-Iowa also came to minister. About 15 other people from various states, including Life and liberty Ministries and Repent America, came to minister also. A church in Arlington opened its doors so we could all sleep there.

The Missionaries to the Preborn team (Pastor Matt took the photo). We went to DC to remind those gathering there of the atrocities being committed against the helpless preborn and call our nation to repentance.

We modified our truthtruck for this effort. We added a quote from Thomas Jefferson on each of the sides of the truck which read - “The purpose of civil government is to protect life; abandon that, and you have abandoned all.”

Jefferson quote on the side of the truthtruck.

On the back we placed a Scripture sign at the top of the truck which read – “America! ‘Your hands are covered with blood.’ –Isaiah 1:15”

Scripture on the back of the truck.

We were amazed that we were able to get so close to all the action. While many who came to minister took the METRO (subway) in without their signs and just literature, we decided to drive in and see if we could get close with our large photographs.

To our absolute amazement, we were able to park at the Union Station parking lot and the truthtruck was able to drive right through the tens of thousands walking by!

Swarms of people passed by our truthtruck all day long.

Jim Soderna and Grizz Gesch drove in the truthtruck, while the other eight of us – Pastor Matt, Nathaneal Provan, Bob Rothlisberger, Nathan Holsopple, Cindy Kershaw, Candace Knappschaeffer, Nicole and Casey – split up out on the streets to preach, pass out literature, and display the photographs. People stopped to listen to the preaching, the literature went out very well, and we had many conversations and debates.

People file past one of our photographs which reads – “Obama’s change? – They’re forgetting someone.”

The large police and military presence kept the crowd restrained. Only one person in our group was shoved around and had his sign kicked. Police quickly intervened. The truthtruck was spit upon quite a bit.

The Capitol building in the distance as our truthtruck rolls on.

While we were out on the streets and our truthtruck was rolling through town, people took pictures of our pictures hundreds of times with cellphones, still cameras, and camcorders - thus multiplying our efforts as they will then send them or show them to their family and friends!

This guy ran out into the street to get this picture of the truthtruck.

We stayed out on the streets till dark in order to minister on Inaugural Day.

Of grave concern to us (we will write more about this later), for the first time ever the military was out in the streets for an Inauguration – in full force. About 20,000 troops were deployed for this event and were on every corner throughout the area. Clearly the attempt is being made to condition the people to become comfortable with military in American streets. This is wrong, and should not be allowed. This is a huge shift in American history and policy.

We Get a Private Audience with Barack Obama
Showing him the Bloody Photographs of the Murdered Preborn

The next day, we decided to go near the National Cathedral to see if we might be able to display the photographs of the murdered preborn to President Obama. He was there for a phony religious gathering.

Four years earlier, we were set-up to have a busy intersection stop the day after Bush’s inauguration. In God’s providence, Bush’s presidential motorcade came through our set-up! We were the only ones on the street as all traffic had been stopped or diverted.

We later learned he came from the National Cathedral when he passed by us.

We decided to go back to the same location – at the same time – to see if history might repeat itself. We could not believe it! Just minutes after we set up on two corners about a quarter of a mile apart, with about six or seven people on each corner, along came Obama’s presidential motorcade driving through!
We were able to show him the photos of the murdered preborn!

No one else was around. We had the streets to ourselves. A private audience with the new president! We pray the Lord used and uses our simple efforts for good. We could not thank the Lord enough for this opportunity!

Pastor Matt didn’t get a picture this time – but here are some of the beaming faces of those who participated in showing Obama the horror of abortion just after it happened.

May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!

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